Fandom 5: My Most Anticipated Games from E3 2017

Jun 19, 2017

Hi friends! Now that E3 2017 is over and done with, I'm excited to chat with you all about some of the games that really caught my eye. While I can't wait for some of the bigger-name releases like Anthem and Sea of Thieves, I'm much more intrigued by these gorgeous indie games. This list in no way encompasses all of the incredible indie titles that we have to look forward to releasing within the next year, but here are a few that I'm super stoked about!

1) Laser League - Roll7/505 Games
This is the game I'm definitely most excited about right now. Laser League is a Tron-esque arcade multiplayer where your team captures beams of light in an attempt to fry the other team. Okay, so I know it's a little hard to figure out what this game is about based on the announcement trailer and my description alone, so check out a bit of the gameplay here. I love class-based games, and I think it'll be interesting to see what each class brings to the table when it comes to rolling around an arena to activate colorful lasers. It'll be open for beta testing this summer, and we can expect the finished version in 2018!

2) The Artful Escape of Francis Vendetti - Beethoven & Dinosaur/Annapurna Interactive
I don't know too much about The Artful Escape aside from the fact that it's so pretty! From this gameplay video, we can see that it's an action/adventure side-scroller with incredible graphics and a fun, rock opera soundtrack. Like, what more could I want in a game? It's all about a teen finding his own way in the world, and it looks like such a relaxing way to pass some time. No release date yet, but it'll launch when it's damn ready.

3) Ooblets - Glumberland/Double Fine Presents
There's literally nothing about Ooblets that I'm not looking forward to. It's all about collecting critters and living that small town life, and the art style is just to die for. It's so cute! Inspired by games like Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and Pokémon, you'll be able to customize your character, maintain your farm, run a little shop, train and battle ooblets, and go on all kinds of adventures. It's right up my alley, and I'm definitely a little bummed that I have to wait until next year to play it. Wishlist it on Steam here!

4) The Last Night - Odd Tales/Raw Fury
I know next to nothing about The Last Night at this point, but I don't care. According to its Steam page, it's a cinematic platformer set in a post-cyberpunk world where you play as Charlie, a lower-class citizen, as he navigates through his life. The art style is especially intriguing, combining 2D pixel art with gorgeous 3D backdrops. I've never seen a game quite like it, and I can't wait to try it out when it releases next year.

5) Griftlands - Klei Entertainment
Last but not least, I'm so excited about Griftlands! There isn't a ton of information out about it yet, but it's by the same company who released Don't Starve, which was a lot of fun. Griftlands is an action RPG with crazy cool cartoon graphics, and according to the developer, “everything is negotiable: money, loyalty—even morality.” It sounds really interesting, though I'm hoping we learn more about what the game involves before its release early 2018.

Over to you!

Which upcoming games are you most excited about? Are there any indie games that caught your eye at E3 2017? Let me know in the comments below!

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