Geek Girl Bloggers V-Day Card Swap

Mar 1, 2017

Happy Wednesday, friends. The lovely Natalie organized a geeky Valentine's Day card swap for the Geek Girls x Bloggers group, and it was such a blast! The swap made the holiday so fun for me, especially since it isn't one that my husband and all go all out for.

All of the cards and goodies I received were adorable, but I did want to show off a few of my favorites. A lot of the gals in this group are super talented and I was blown away by their drawings!

Opening this drawing from Dina totally made my day. It's so darn cute and I just loved seeing myself in anime form, basically=P I can't wait to see her drawings of the other girls in the group. 

How awesome is this R2-D2 card from Grace? This was my hubby's favorite of the bunch!

I'm so obsessed with Pokémon that this card from Mii was absolutely perfect! I love the little happy face on the Pokéball, definitely made me smile.

This one wasn't handmade, but I still had to include it because I love Parks & Recreation so much! This one was from Natalie, and it was my favorite of the bunch. I legitimately might frame it and display it with my Treat Yo' Self card from Liana's shop, haha.

Thanks to all the ladies who joined in on the swap this year, and a big thanks to Natalie for putting it together! If you want some more Valentine's fun, check out my post from last year's swap here<3

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