5 on 15: Quest Accepted!

Feb 15, 2017

Oh wow, I feel like it's been ages since I've done a 5 on 15 post! Really, it's just been since November...but geez, I hate the fact that I've missed two months worth of these. If you haven't heard of this awesome photograph prompt, check out Emma's intro post on her blog, Scruffy Little Nerd Herder.

I'm slowly but surely getting back into the swing of things. Work and school are still taking up most of my time, but I've been feeling that urge to write more and more lately. I've especially missed taking geeky-themed photos and sharing them here! I definitely forgot how to use my DSLR properly, but I did my best with these.

I mentioned in my last post that I finally bought a comic book for myself! I've been gifted some awesome comics and graphic novels from friends, but I had never bought one until recently. My favorite band, The Dear Hunter, is collaborating with artists to translate their albums into comics. My husband and I are totally obsessed with all things TDH, so when the comic for their first album dropped, we bought it immediately. Reading about Hunter's quest through life is something I'm very excited about, and I can't wait for the rest of them to be released.

These adorable Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsums went on an epic quest to New York, so I figured they were perfect to include in this month's prompt. These two were my very first Tsum Tsums, so they hold a special place in my heart. I've never been to NYC, but when I do, I'll definitely be taking them with me. I always try to find a cool beer label that fits the theme perfectly for these prompts, but this month I just couldn't.

This label from Grimm was just so damn cute, with the pastel colors and the POP! This guy took a quest across the US from New York just like Minnie and Mickey, so that's my excuse for using it, haha.

Roland the Gunslinger goes on one of the most epic quests I've ever had the pleasure of reading. His quest to reach the Dark Tower is filled with heartbreak, death, kinship, and Ka...ah, it's just so brilliant.

Who would I be if I didn't throw Pokémon somewhere in this post?! My quest through Pokémon Moon to help rescue Nebby, capture the Ultra Beasts, and fill my Pokédex was so much fun that I just had to share it for this prompt.

And there you have it. Five photos about quests...um, more or less. I can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with!

Over to you! 

What do you think is the most epic quest in pop culture? Let me know in the comments below:)

Geeking Out About: February

Feb 6, 2017

Things are still pretty slow here at Her Geekery...I just haven't felt the urge to write lately. I'm going back to school for computer science, so I'll probably be pouring a lot of my time into that and neglecting this space for a while. I'm actually really excited about the change, though! I haven't been to school in years, so I'm looking forward to learning some new things.

Anyway, despite the creative block, I've still been geeking out about a lot of stuff. February may be a short month, but it's packed with awesome new movie and book releases, plus some fun new shows. Here are a few of the things that I've been geeking out about lately.

A Cook's Tour - My husband and I are crazy about Anthony Bourdain. We've watched all of his other shows, so when Netflix released both seasons of his first ever show at the end of January, we weren't about to miss it. It's super low-quality, but it's full of our favorite guy just starting his television journey and we're loving it.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile - I haven't fallen into this deep of a rabbit hole since I started binge-watching Doctor Who a few years back. My undying adoration of the Pokémon franchise was rekindled by Pokémon Moon, and now I just can't get enough. I chatted about Pokémon Shuffle Mobile in my last post, so check it out if you want way too much information about this adorable game.

Act I: The Lake South, the River North - This is the first comic I've ever bought for myself! I've read several graphic novels and I've been gifted some awesome comics in the past, but I've never actually spent money on a comic until this one. This will be my first of many though, since my absolute favorite band, The Dear Hunter, is releasing a graphic novel for each of their Act albums. I love seeing my favorite concept albums inked out on paper, and I can't wait for the rest of them.

Pokémon X - Like I said before, I'm in deep here. I hadn't played a new Pokémon game since the release of Black and White back in 2010, but when I got hooked on Pokémon Moon, I wanted more and more! X has a totally different feel to it so far, but I'm really enjoying it. The graphics are adorable, and I love stumbling upon new Pokémon I hadn't seen before!

Santa Clarita Diet - Drew Barrymore is awesome, so that's enough reason for me to want to watch this show. It premiered on Netflix a few days ago, and centers around married couple Joel and Sheila as they adjust to Sheila's new life (er, afterlife) as a zombie in Santa Clarita. It looks way cute, and I plan on dedicating some time to binging through all ten episodes soon.

John Wick: Chapter 2 - I can't explain it, but I love Keanu Reeves and basically everything he does. I ended up really enjoying John Wick, even though it's not the type of movie I typically go for. What can I say, Keanu is just such a badass! I've been looking forward to John Wick: Chapter 2 for a while now, and I can't wait for it to drop this Friday.

King's Cage - I have some mixed feelings on this one. I've enjoyed parts of this series. I want to read more about the characters I care about, like Maven and Farley...buuut, I pretty much can't stand the main character, Mare. I hate her, in fact. So do I want to suffer through more of Mare just so I can get a conclusion to this story? Also, are there going to be four of these instead of the trilogy that we were expecting? Guh.

Legion - I'm not always the biggest fan of superhero stuff, but I do love me some antiheroes! While I haven't been on board with everything the X-Men franchise has thrown out there, I'm really excited that Legion is going to be getting some screen time. He was one of my favorite mutants as a kiddo, so I'll definitely be tuning in when this show makes its debut Wednesday on FX.

Over to you! 

What have you been geeking out about lately? Let me know in the comments below, I'd love to geek out with you!

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