Casual Cosplay Connections: Video Games

Jun 27, 2016

Some of you may have noticed that I took a bit of a break from blogging last week. That's because I was going crazy trying to switch my blog over from Blogger to self-hosted Wordpress! I had been talking about making the change for a while now and decided on a whim to just go for it...without thinking through the repercussions, haha. I still have A LOT of changes that I want to make, but I feel like I'm really making progress compared to how this blog looked when I first switched!

Anyway, I'm so excited for this new monthly segment created by the lovely Danielle of From Girlie to Nerdy and Charlie of Happy Little Geek. It's called Casual Cosplay Connections and it's already so much fun! Each month we'll be throwing together our casual cosplay outfits for a particular theme. This month's theme was video games, which meant that I had a whole slew of characters to choose from...but surprise surprise, I went with my favorite character in Overwatch!

Lúcio is my jam, you guys. I've played Overwatch for 50+ hours and almost half of them have been with this cutie. I really believe that he's one of the biggest reasons that this has become my favorite game! So of course I couldn't pass up the chance to model myself after my honey<3

I went with a simple green tank top, a yellow cardigan, and the most comfortable blue exercise pants you could ever imagine. If I owned a pair of roller blades, you can bet I would have rocked this outfit while skating around the block!

I just had to throw in my little frog earrings, and my headphone necklace was too perfect for this look! For those of you who don't know, Lúcio is a hero by day but a DJ by night, so headphones are kind of his thing.

It turns out that I'm not really feeling the full-body shots of myself right now, but I still wanted to share a photo of the complete look. Sorry for the low-quality phone camera photo, but until I buy some new lenses for my camera, my selfie skills are a little limited. So there you have it! My casual cosplay inspired by a video game for the first month of Casual Cosplay Connections. I really enjoyed putting this outfit together and I hope to see more people join in next month! For more information on this segment, check out the original post here. I'd love to hear your thoughts! If you were to dress up as any video game character, who would you choose?

Geeky Goodies: Overwatch

Jun 9, 2016

Oh, are you guys sick of me talking about Overwatch? I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm just having too much fun with it! Sure, I get really frustrated when I get frozen by a Mei and the hubby gets SUPER salty when we're losing...doesn't change the fact that I still love this game so much.

Even though it's only been out for a couple of weeks now, there's already a ton of cute Overwatch goodies up on Etsy. The crafty community moves fast, which is awesome right? Here's a handful of my favorites!

  1. Overwatch Girls Watercolor Print | Amor Imprimo
  2. Character Notebooks | Kuhl Notes
  3. Pinback Button Pins | CheyDumpling
  4. Pachimari Plush | xMangoRose
  5. Mini Sticker Pack | Jellybean Kingdom

Give me all the things!! I especially love the little amigurumi Pachimari plushies<3 For those of you who play, you'll recognize them as the adorable little turnip dolls strewn around the various maps. So which is your favorite geeky Overwatch goody?

6 on 6: Brown-Eyed Girl

Jun 6, 2016

I finally got a 6 on 6 up in time, thanks to the lovely Rav reminding me<3 I've been forgetting to take my photos for the past couple months despite this being one of my favorite monthly prompts, so I'm super grateful for the friendly reminder a couple days ago!

Anyway, this month's theme is brown, and I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was for me to find enough geeky things for this one. Thanks as always to miss Emma of Scruffy Little Nerd Herder for creating this fun photo challenge!

First up is my Chewbacca Tsum Tsum! I seriously can't get enough of these fluffy cuties. This guy is about the size of a small pillow, and I frequently use him as one:P

I've mentioned before that The Dark Tower series by Stephen King is my absolute favorite book series, which makes this sweet tee one of my favorites too! I love the image of Roland standing at his fabled Dark Tower surrounded by perfect.

This Baby Groot print is one of my very favorite things! It was gifted to me by the fantastic Liana Kangas, who is basically perfection. I'm happy to say that my husband is obsessed with her artwork too, and that boy isn't big on art at all, so that's a major plus for me!

Peanut Butter Milk Stout by Belching Beaver Brewery is probably my favorite beer right now. It's just the right amount of sweet, and I swear the peanut butter flavor is spot-on! Whether you're a beer fan or not, I suggest giving this one a try if you haven't yet. You may be surprised!

I've posted lots of pictures of my copy of World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1 because, well, I'm completely in love with it. This image of the gates of Ahn'Qiraj is way cool!

Aaaand I had to include a screenie of my current obsession, Overwatch. I have a few characters sporting mostly brown outfits, but this brown and gold is one of my favorites. Torbjörn can be a little boring to play, but I'm still a big fan of this turret-building Swede.

So there you have it! I can't wait to check out everyone's photos today, I'm sure there will be a lot of amazing ones. I hope everyone has an excellent week!

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