Geeky Goodies: Minnie & Mickey

May 2, 2016

Okay, first things first: Game of Thrones. Oh my gosh. Second, I entered an amazing giveaway by Harper of Harper Honey and Desiree of Xo_Mermaid Kisses a little while back and won! Holy what?! I'm so lucky, thank you times infinity, ladies! I won an AMC gift card, two Disney gift cards, and the cutest little Mickey and Minnie Tsum Tsums. My first Tsum Tsums ever and they're absolutely adorable! I can definitely feel a new obsession coming on:)

I'm a huge fan of Disney, and lucky me, I love right down the street from the happiest place on earth! I've spent countless days at Disneyland, and I consider myself super duper lucky for it. I was inspired by the sweet faces of Minnie and Mickey to write up a little Geeky Love post dedicated to my favorite anthropomorphic mice. I can't even begin to describe the amount of adorable Minnie and Mickey goodies on Etsy, but here are a few of my faves!

  1. Mickey & Minnie Watercolor Art | Focus Artocus
  2. Mickey & Minnie Couple Pillowcases | Creative Pillow LV
  3. Minnie Mouse Cupcake Earrings | Between Beads
  4. Vintage Minnie Mouse Bow | Kutie Bow Tuties
  5. Mickey Mouse Tote Bag | Rachel Walter
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