6 on 6: It's Not Easy Being Green

May 9, 2016

So I managed to post another 6 on 6 late, which totally sucks, but better late than never! Again...sigh. I was super stoked about this month too because green is one of my favorite colors! Oh well, I just bought this gorgeous Happy Planner so I'm hoping that it will help me get organized and back on track with my blogging.

I was especially excited to get to show off my completely perfect Thane Krios print for this month's theme. Shout out to the lovely Kay of My Open Sketchbook for being such an amazing artist!

This little Bulbasaur plushie is one of my favorite geeky buys. The original Pokémon starters reign supreme<3 I was always more of a water gal myself, but my grass guy sure is cute!

How perfect is this beer label? I have yet to come across a geekier one, so of course I had to show it off here. And it's green, so double perfection!

These are actually the hubby's, I'm not exactly into DC. He's a HUGE fan of the Green Lantern though, which I find adorably endearing.

My little sister bought this for me last Christmas. Totally awesome! Rugrats was one of my favorite shows growing up, and this movie is even better than I remembered! Who else saw this in theaters? Aww.

So this shot is a little different than what I usually post, but I just had to share it. I went to a local beer festival with my husband and a few friends and it was such a blast! This guy was performing in a 90s music cover band, and I loved his green Power Rangers costume! Too perfect for this month, right?

As always, thanks to Emma of Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder for creating such a fun photo prompt. I loved checking out all the awesome green photos on the blogosphere this past weekend!

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