Funko Fridays: Show & Tell

Mar 25, 2016

Happy happy Friday! This week has been an emotional rollercoaster for me and I am SO GLAD it's over. Sorry I've been a bit absent in the blog scene lately! I have an awful lot of stuff going on right now, including a sprained wrist that's been really holding me back. I'm hoping I'll bounce back soon, but for now I'll just keep gathering inspiration from you lovely ladies!

Anyway, I haven't participated in Funko Fridays for a while now because I'm super lazy, but Show & Tell is my favorite so here we are! This week I'm showing off my adorable glow-in-the-dark Hot Topic exclusive Adipose Pop!

Such a cutie patootie, right? His little snaggle tooth is perfection, and I love that he's so soft and lumpy:P Please excuse me for this next photo because it's pretty much the blurriest one I've ever taken...

...but I did want to show off the glow! I haven't had glow-in-the-dark anything since I was a kid, so I'm having a lot of fun with this guy.

As usual, I want to give a shout-out to Pepi and Kimi for hosting the Funko Fridays link-up! I can't wait to check out all the Funko goodness:) I've been itchin' to buy more, it's such an expensive obsession! Have you gotten any new Pops lately?

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