A Day in the Life of a Lady Geek: February

Mar 2, 2016

It looks like the A Day in the Life segment has come to an end, but I've always had so much fun with it that I'm still going to post mine monthly. If you participated or if you want to join in the future, definitely let me know so I can check out your awesome photos! A Day in the Life was created by Dina of Dina Farmer, who takes some of the most gorgeous photos that I've ever seen! If you've never checked out her blog before, you definitely should because she is one cool geeky mama.

The hubs and I visited The Huntington last Saturday, February 27th. It's officially called 'The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens,' and it certainly lives up to its fancy pants name. I can't believe I've spent my entire life in Southern California without ever having heard of it! I'm so cultured, obviously:P

Anyway, I took about a bazillion photos, but I'm only sharing a handful so that, you know, I don't bore you all or anything. The typical 'A Day in the Life' format is one photo for each hour that I spent awake, but honestly, I want y keeping track of the time because I was having too much fun! So here's a whole bunch of Huntington goodness<3

We spent the majority of our time exploring the various botanical gardens. It blew me away how colorful it was, despite it being February! I can't imagine how gorgeous this place is in the Spring when all the flowers are in bloom.

This is probably my favorite photo that I took, except for the freaking orange cone in the back left corner. Argh! I didn't notice it until I was editing this post...I would typically Photoshop something like that out but...meh.

I think I enjoyed the Japanese gardens most because holy crap, they're so pretty! Definitely made me want to visit Japan even more than I did before.

I managed to snap this shot in the split second that Gary posed before he turned away laughing. He's not exactly a 'pose for the picture' kind of guy:P

Gary's forced smile in this one just kills me! We took A LOT of selfies and the poor guy was a good sport about it. I wore my Team Rocket shirt in celebration of Pokemon's 20th anniversary!

This was one of the very few indoor photos that I was able to take. In the art exhibits, photos weren't allowed, though I did take a few sneaky cell phone shots. Photos were allowed in this particular exhibit though...it was a science museum of sorts, with different sections for astronomy, biology, electricity, and so on. So basically, Gary's favorite area!

On the way home, we got stuck in nightmare traffic because the main freeway was completely shut down. We ended up taking side streets for a while and happened upon this fun graffiti mural!

We got home a little before 6pm, but the power went out in our whole dang neighborhood so there wasn't much else to see, haha.

So that was a day in my life! On another note, I totally bought the coolest shirt ever, which I got in the mail yesterday along with some extra goodies from Jordan and the gang at Jordanden√©! Have you checked out their shirt of the month for March? I swear, I'd buy up everything in that shop if I could!

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