6 on 6: Flash Those Pearly Whites

Jan 6, 2016

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's time for another 6 on 6, and this month's theme is white. I own very few things that are entirely white because let's face it, white is a pretty boring color. I did manage to snap six photos of mostly white things though, so I'm sharing them with you all today!

Okay, I know my pretty kitty isn't entirely white, but look at her fluffy little lion's mane! I got this sweet girl from a friend, so we don't actually know what type of cat she is. She's probably a mix of breeds, but she looks an awful lot like a Siberian. That would definitely explain why my mother-in-law, who's super allergic to cats, has absolutely no problems living with her! Siberians are supposedly hypoallergenic, so we kind of lucked out with her<3

This crocheted hearthstone is one of my favorite geeky possessions! It was given to me by my pen pal through the IGGPPC...who I had a lot of fun writing to until she just stopped writing back to me. Bummer! It was definitely a fun experience while it lasted, but I'm still on the fence about signing up again. The next round of sign-ups begins on January 15th so I guess I'll try to figure it out before then.

I love this adorable wax warmer from Target! I mean seriously, it's shaped like an elephant! My husband and I have always had a thing for candles, so we figured we'd try out some wax melts instead. I'm really enjoying it so far! I like that we can choose different scented wax based on our moods, and even mix and match if we want.

This awesome portrait of Beetlejuice was drawn by Kay of My Open Sketchbook! I won him in a contest a couple months back and I'm still head over heels in love with how cool he looks. I have yet to buy a decent frame for him, so for now he actually hangs out in one of our fancy, unused wedding photo frames. It's silver and very shiny, so I took him out for the purpose of taking this picture:P Someday I'll have a pretty art gallery wall and you can bet your butt he'll be up there!

I recently stumbled upon an old bag full of washi tape that I had bought years ago, so that was a welcome surprise! I had bought these through Etsy, though I don't remember the shop. I'm pretty happy about how darn cute they are, and I'm excited to start using them in my planner!

Last but not least, here's my Doc Brown Pop! He's definitely been on the blog before, but I couldn't help myself. His white hair is perfect for this post! He was a Loot Crate exclusive Funko, so I'm glad to have gotten him before I cancelled my subscription. I've been thinking pretty hard about resubscribing since I do love getting cool geeky gear...but a goal of mine this year is to spend less on useless crap so I'll just be buying geeky stuff that I really really like instead, haha!

So that's my 6 on 6 for the month! Did any of you join in on the photo challenge fun? I'd love to see your photos!

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