A Day in the Life of a Lady Geek: December

Dec 28, 2015

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas with their loved ones. I had an amazing day, and to be honest, I wasn't very conscientious about taking photos. I still wanted to share my Christmas day with you all for this month's A Day in the Life project, but a lot of these photos are low-quality phone pictures. Oh well, right? Now without further ado, here's Christmas in the life of a lady geek!

 photo 8am_zps4hvjriku.png
8 a.m.

Okay, I completely forgot to take pictures before we started opening presents, which I'm super bummed about. These are gifts left over for family that I was going to see later in the day, but you still get the idea of what 8 a.m. entailed!

 photo 9am_zpsnbwrkbyb.png
9 a.m.

Done opening presents, cleaning up the wrapping paper trash and admiring all the lovely Christmas cards we received this month. I joined in on a Christmas card swap with the Geeks and Beauties Google+ group, which was a lot of fun! Definitely brightened up the house for Christmastime.

 photo 10am_zpsl89lvnkg.png
10 a.m.

Getting serenaded by my husband! There is absolutely no one else I want to spend all of my holidays with than this beautiful man. He makes every day better and I can only hope that I do the same for him<3

 photo 11am_zpshsgbqa9a.png
11 a.m.

We were dog-sitting this little lady again, and man, she has so much dang energy! It was pretty difficult getting her to stop being a wiggle-worm long enough to take this picture of her adorable Christmas bow!

 photo 12pm_zpsa9d3z7fr.png
12 p.m.

Oh, just playing with the Funkos that hubby surprised me with. We had agreed to NO PRESENTS and he broke the rules, but I totally forgive him. He bought me some of my favorite boys in Funko form, and they are just the cutest!

 photo 1pm_zpsujgzkkad.png
1 p.m.

Christmas jammies from my mother-in-law. She knows me well! Super adorable purple Star Wars pajamas, and they're so so comfy. I didn't get to see my mama until the day after Christmas, but she ended up getting me these really cute kitty pajamas. I love that both of my moms know what makes me happy!

 photo 2pm_zpsybqhyrfc.png
2 p.m.

Enjoying one of my presents from my amazing mother-in-law. I've mentioned before that I suffer from anxiety and depression, and I've heard nothing but good things about adult coloring books. I love getting in touch with my carefree side (though I'm getting pretty intense about coloring inside the lines, haha). It really is a major stress-reliever.

 photo 3pm_zpsjvcdfxva.png
3 p.m.

My dad and uncle came down to spend Christmas night with us, and my dad got us this incredible Doctor Who book! I've already spent a ton of time poring through it, and it definitely has me interested in watching Classic Who. Nice job, Dad!

 photo 4pm_zpsdcfjyakw.png
4 p.m.

Crazy about these Christmas cookies. I swear, my husband and I want to get into shape...but that'll have to wait until after the new year! We've signed up for gym memberships and everything, so hopefully spending money on our health will ensure that we actually, you know, get healthy.

 photo 5pm.0_zpsycuchzly.png
5 p.m.

We all went down the street to Gary's mom's cousin's house (haha...) and I couldn't get enough of these guys! They thought I was going to drop them some cheese, but they obviously don't know me very well.

 photo 6pm_zps3gpj88wh.png
6 p.m.

My favorite face. We're waiting on dinner (which was so yummy!) and spending time with our family. My uncle actually came across the country to visit, and I've never gotten to spend a lot of time with him as an adult. It's been so cool getting to know my dad's big brother!

 photo 7pm_zps5p623uq6.png
7 p.m.

Super grainy phone photo, but I just had to share it! We've eaten dinner, and now we're all just enjoying each other's company. Here I am trying to teach my dad about Snapchat=P

 photo 8pm_zps9joeawdd.png
8 p.m.

Back home and drinking more beer, yay! I love the purple hue from my phone camera's flash...too cool, right? My uncle and I were trying to get Gary and Dad to watch Claymore, but they weren't really having any of it. We ended up switching over to the Hateful Eight (eer, or something else that wasn't obtained illegally?) and I promptly passed out.

And that was my Christmas! Gary and I spent the day after Christmas in the High Desert visiting my mom and sister, which was so great. We made out with a lot of awesome goodies but that's nothing compared to how much joy and love I've felt this past weekend.

I've said it before but I wanted to say again that I'm so thankful for all of you. You've all made me feel nothing but welcome and I love being a part of the female geeky blogging community! Now I can't wait to catch up with all of you and check out your A Day in the Life posts. Thanks as always to Dina for being awesome and hosting this fun photo project!

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