Funko Fridays: Funko Finds

Nov 22, 2015

Yeah yeah, I know it's Sunday, but I still wanted to get my latest Funko Fridays posted. I had a crazy busy week, so don't judge me for my tardiness, please=P This week's theme is 'Funko Finds' which came just in time for me since I recently scored this super cute Kylo Ren Pop! This little guy is especially exciting for me because he marks my first collaboration with a brand since starting my blog. The UK-based website Zavvi contacted me earlier this month about providing a Pop! to me for an unbiased review. Of course I jumped at the opportunity, since one can never have too many Funkos, right?

I picked Kylo Ren because...well, Star Wars. You guys, we're less than a month away from the premiere! I'm getting SO PSYCHED for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and I wanted this adorable villain to mark my first ever Star Wars Pop! Okay, I know there are cuter Star Wars characters out there (case in point) but I'm such a sucker for a baddie (you're next, Captain Phasma). I absolutely love the little dings and imperfections in his mask...such a tiny detail, but I think it's awesome how true to the character this Funko is. I was also pleasantly surprised to find out that this Pop! is a bobble-head...something I managed to miss while I was ordering him, but yay, my first bobble-head Funko! Overall, I think he's perfect and I'm happy to have him.

I wasn't asked to talk about this by my contact at Zavvi (the whole conversation was completely fuss-free, actually...all they asked of me was to include a link for the site's Funko list, which I'm happy to do) but I did want to mention how awesome this website is. I hadn't heard of them before, and when I first glanced at the site I was a little skeptical since shipping from overseas to the US can be a bit of a pain. I'm so glad I didn't let that deter me from working with them because I was very pleased!

For orders to the US, the shipping charge is only £0.99 which is about $1.50. Regardless of how much you order, it's only $1.50 for standard delivery...that's insane, right? And while shipping can generally take two weeks, I got mine in about a week. I saw some limited edition Funkos on this site that I haven't seen for reasonable prices anywhere else, so I'll definitely be ordering from them in the near future!

While the Funko choices are what really draw me to the site, I did want to mention that they carry pretty much everything a geeky gal (or guy!) could want. Games, DVDs, clothing, posters...even gadgets like laptops and cameras. It's worth a look or two and it's a definite perk that their shipping costs are so low. Handy tip: the website's default currency is in British Pounds but you can switch to US Dollars in the upper right corner so that you don't have to Google the exchange I was doing before I realized that I could change it, haha.
Thanks as always to the fabulous Kimi and Pepi for hosting Funko Fridays! I saw a lot of really cool Funko finds this week...I'm especially in awe of Kimi's Spirit Yoda Funko. How gorgeous is that? Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic week and if I don't catch you beforehand, happy Thanksgiving to my US-based friends and readers! Enjoy your time spent with loved ones<3

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