Geeky Goodies: Sailor Moon

Oct 4, 2015

I don't want to say that this blog is going to be 'more of the same' since I feel like that sounds a little negative...but I liked most of what I was doing over at Oh Sweet Samsara and I plan on continuing my Geeky Love features (among others!!). I'm about halfway through the original Sailor Moon series, and I think I'll be watching Sailor Moon Crystal after I finish because I just can't get enough of the Sailor Scouts! So naturally I wanted to show some love for my new obsession by dedicating a Geeky Love post to Usagi and friends.

  1. The Purrrfect Clutch Bag | Sent From Mars
  2. Moon Prism Power Embroidery | Makersmax
  3. Heart Moon Brooch Necklace | momomoguro
  4. Sailor Senshi Watercolor Print | Penelope Love Prints
  5. Sailor Freddie Mercury Journal | Enixy
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