Funko Fridays: Once Upon A Funko

Oct 16, 2015

Happy Friday, everyone! This week was so draining, I just plain couldn't find the time to write up a 5FF post for today. BUT I'm super excited to participate in the first week of Funko Fridays! I can't wait to see how these prompts evolve over time, and I think we'll have a lot of fun bonding over our favorite vinyl collectibles<3 This week's theme is 'Once Upon A Funko,' and I'm sure I'll be reading a ton of stories about the beginnings of Funko obsessions all over the world today.

My first and only Funkos (so far) are actually Mystery Minis. My little sister bought them for Gary and I two Christmases ago, and I had absolutely no idea what they were. She bought them because we're obsessed with Game of Thrones, and they were a lot of fun to open up! As you can see, we got Tyrion and Robb, but now I'm itching to get all of them. Since they're 'Mystery Minis,' I'm torn between buying them packaged for cheaper (but not knowing which characters I'll be getting), or paying a little extra to buy the characters I actually want (since people open the boxes up and sell the actual Funkos on eBay). I'll probably go with the second option since it's easier, so hopefully I'll have a whole set of Game of Thrones Mystery Mini Funkos to show off on the blog soon=)

So my story is short and sister bought them for my husband and I, none of us knew that they were actually wonderful treasures, now I think they're awesome. I've already bought more but I'm waiting for them to's hard deciding which ones to buy first! There are so many that I love, but since I want to buy ALL THE THINGS, I'll have to pace myself. Next week's theme will be a breeze for me, since it's 'Funko Collections I Want to Complete'...I'll have to figure out how to narrow down my ever-growing list. If you want to check out the upcoming Funko Fridays themes, here you go!

I hope you guys join in on the Funko Fridays fun. We're linking up all of the posts, so check out everyone's first Funko stories on the Funko Fridays website!
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